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A Prayer For Consistency

In the spirit of trying to have a more prayerful 2019, I'm sharing one of my prayers below:

O Lord Of All-Grace,

How I love Your law!
How I long to swim its depths!
How I long to uncover its riches!

My heart delights in the wisdom hidden deep within its pages. My soul is full of joy in knowing the One whom I serve.

For there was a time when I thought I knew, but I knew not.
When I spoke confidently, even when I had no credentials.
When I thought I had all understanding, but it was all just hot air.

May I never take the truths that the gospel teaches for granted, but may they bear much fruit as I learn what it means to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions. To live righteously as I await for the Object of my Hope, and the reason for my salvation. Father of mercy, teach me to wait expectantly and prayerfully.

For my walk is far from perfect, being that I am a sinner. All my longings are stained by my sin. Even on my best days, when I am convinced I desire none but You - there is…

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