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Doctrine Divides: Why The Reformation Isn't Over

If you're anything like me, you've probably heard someone in your circle of Christian peers say something along the lines of:

"Don't give me theology, give me Jesus."
"My only doctrine is the Bible"
"Doctrine divides; let's keep the gospel simple."

While I understand the sentiments behind those words, I'm afraid that the people who are saying them don't really understand what they mean.

For centuries, Christians have divided over doctrine. Albeit, sometimes it was done ungraciously, but for the most part, these divisions were never done needlessly.

Take the example of the early church: when Christ came in the form of a man, didn't He oppose the practices of the Pharisees by teaching doctrine? He taught people new practices that would replace old notions of the Law (see: Matthew 5).

And when He ascended into heaven and left the spread of the gospel in the charge of His disciples, weren't they also spreading doctrine? Weren'…

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