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Speak Kindly To Me

Kindness was a friend I once knew.

Gentleness was her mother. Goodness was her father. She was often mistaken for her older cousin, Love - which was understandable because growing up, the two were practically inseparable. Love was what Kindness aspired to become, but she also knew that she was much different from her. Love was sometimes was tough and blunt - she rarely hesitated to speak her mind. But Kindness had a more warm and graceful way of doing things. She often spoke calmly, and moved quietly - never aiming to bring attention to herself.
I came to know Kindness very well and share some fond memories with her. When I was younger, Kindness often sat in the kitchen with my mother while she prepared snacks for me and our friends who were busy playing outside. She liked watching my mother cook. When I missed the bus home one day after school, it was her who called my father up so he could come get me. One day, I saw her writing nice cards for my friends and family on their birthda…

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