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Promises Broken, Promises Fulfilled: Thoughts for the New Year

Today, I had an unsurprising revelation: I cannot keep promises very well.

This blog is a testament to that. At the start of 2017, I tried to resolve to blog at least once a week for every month. And at the last 2 months of the year - I fizzled out. I got busy. I got lazy, and procrastinated. I reasoned - "nobody reads those things anyway, no one will care." I forgot my commitment and dropped out at the home stretch. THE LAST TWO MONTHS, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. It's so frustrating that it's almost comical.

I'm not sure anything about my true nature has changed much. It's evident in the way I keep coming back to my old ways. I'm still stubborn, selfish, rebellious, and indolent. Just the other day, I spent some time reflecting on the past year and I couldn't help but notice that there were multiple times when I felt that the Lord was dealing heavily with me this year - all because of my old self.

And yet, in spite of the hardships - I can never look upon …

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