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5 Things To Remember For When You Hate Mondays

Everybody's a weekend warrior these days. We live for it - always hoping for that next big adventure, the next grand holiday, or even just the next time we can sleep in a little more. On Friday mornings we jump out of bed ready to start the day because we know it's only a few more hours until it ends (and we get a taste of freedom). And by the time Sunday night rolls in, we're already dreading what's to come the next day - hating the fact that we have to get up early tomorrow.

So much excitement is poured into these measly two days of the week that we tend to forget being grateful and planning well for the other five. Is this all that we've reduced our lives to? We say we want to live life to the fullest, but life is only meaningful when we're travelling, eating, experiencing new things, or laughing with friends. Come Monday, we post pictures and quotes on our social media of the weekend that was and wish we could relive it all over again, as if life has stopp…

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