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No God's Best: Complete

I know, I know. This post is coming in a week late. I accidentally skipped a week and forgot to post anything since it was just one of those extremely hectic work weeks. Also, admittedly, I found myself pretty stumped on what to publish. Writing this series was truly no easy feat. I had wrestled a lot with my own understanding of these topics to try and present them as objectively, and as close to how I understood it from Scripture as possible. See, when I write, I can only do so from one perspective - my own; so all I can tell people as they read along is of the things I've learned and how far I've come. However, I was certain I didn't want it to be just another blurb you find on the internet of "what worked for me". I was determined to come in as someone with authority.

Much of that authority was tested during that process. In His sovereignty, God allowed me to enter situations where I was immensely humbled. Everything, from what I knew, to what I felt, and wh…

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