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Moving Outward

Out of all the things I'm learning as I mature in the Christian faith, I am most intrigued by the method by which that growth is brought about. We grow and become more mature when we learn to focus on what is outside ourselves than what's on the inside.
Let's count the ways this plays out:
We needed Jesus for our salvation, because we cannot save ourselves. [Eph 2:8-9]
We need to be filled by the Holy Spirit to be born-again and believe [Titus 3:5], as we walk and resist sin (sanctification) [Galatians 5], and as we study (meditation) and understand God's word [1 Corinthians 2:12]. 
We need other believers - to point out the things we can't see in ourselves, and also point each other back to God and remember His grace. We need other people to affirm in us the good things so we may continue in them, and rebuke us in the things that need to be removed whenever necessary. We need other people to teach us and model for us what a life that pursues God looks like. Becau…

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