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Where Is My Sunshine?

September 10 marked the third year since my family and I made the decision to leave our life of comfort in the Philippines and move to the States. The weekend could have been a chance for celebration, but it turned out much differently than I wanted it to.

My third year in America was met with unexpected trial and much pain as one mishap occurred after another. First, my car was side swiped by a driver who wasn't paying attention which caused a huge dent on my side door. And to make matters worse, my car was broken into later that weekend and I had some valuable items stolen, including a few documents with sensitive information on it. It still pains me just to think about it and I can't help but wonder why the Lord was allowing me to endure blow after blow. Today I am at risk of having my identity stolen, and I've been so troubled by it that it's caused me to wake up in a sweat at night due to nightmares.

I'll have to admit that one of the hardest things to do duri…

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